Baakens Food Truck Friday fun (& tips for tots at outdoor events)

My little family and I headed down to the first Baakens Food Truck Friday recently and I learnt a few lessons about kids and outdoor events which I’d like to share.


Firstly what is this Food Truck Friday I speak of?..Well, it’s a brand new event in the Bay which will take place every third Friday of the month. It is family orientated, has free entry and the meals are under R45 so obviously I was keen to go.

I didn’t only go because the food was cheap, however,  I also heard there would be rides and face painting for the kids and also live music and henna art, so basically it sounded like a fun evening out.


This community-driven event – organised by Jan du Plessis of WERK_ and Grant Foong of Foong’s Asian Street Food included Makoy, Mastertons Coffee & Tea Specialists, Street Cred Chef, Fushin, Foongs, Groundfloor Cafe, Gourmet Girl, Wafelbak, The Munch Box PE, Slush Puppie Port Elizabeth and Chia Health Food Co.

I received vouchers to try out two of the options, but we are a foodie couple  so more than two were tested (was going to say foodie family then remembered my son survives on popcorn and yogurt). My all time favourite was  Chia Health Food Co. Their  butternut and chickpea soup was amazing! and so was their beetroot juice! YUM. We had some seriously tasty pizza from Groundfloor Cafe.  While Wafelbak had the most amazing homemade Amarula Ice-cream, don’t worry that is not what Aidan is having in the pictures, I’m not that “evolved”. Naturally we were on the look out for Mastertons Coffee because Rob and I are such coffee fiends


We had a blast, but the later it got ,the more crowded it got, and the longer the queues got, the organisers did not expect the turnout to be quite that good and quite a few people were disappointed when they finally got to the end of the line. Growing pains and all,but sooo much potential. I’m looking forward to next one…


I had a couple of food truck queue conversations and also overheard someone describing the events’ atmosphere as  “family friendly Coachella” .

The next Food Truck Friday is on December 23 and if you will be going with your little one here are some tips to keep in mind.



    • WET WIPES, bring them with you,  because your kid is likely to spill something somewhere and you will need a quick fix. I remembered this the moment Aidan toppled over , face first, into his ice cream.
    • A FRESH SHIRT isn’t a bad idea at all because little kids attract dirt and grime and food stains and face paint even though they didn’t get their faces painted.
    • SCOUT OUT a nice place to sit down, kids don’t like to stand around, laying in the middle of a crowded area throwing a tantrum doesn’t seem to bother them, but standing in a queue is apparently a no no.
    • BACK UP SNACKS will save your life, when the queues get crazy and your child is more hungry than they have ever been in their lives, ever, you will be super glad for the snack in your handbag
    • GO EARLY , before young young child becomes cranky and the alcohol consumption makes your fellow festival goers cranky
    • GROUND RULES are important, such as limits on the amount of treats and activities they are allowed. I like to tell Aidan what the plan is beforehand, because when he knows the plan he is less likely to lose his damn mind.

These tips relate to any family friendly outdoor event, do you have any tips to add? please do, I love hearing from you guys!

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