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When it comes to blogging I have so much to say and upload… Thanks to super cool guest bloggers I have Easter crafts and Meatless Monday recipes and I also have a nauseating amount of photos of the cutest baby ever…mine 😉
But my first week home has me a little shell shocked and I haven't even glanced at my laptop in ages. Its not that I expected motherhood to be easy, I guess I just didn't realise the physical and emotional toll it would take-especially linked to me still grieving my aunt and dealing with fears of losing Aidan after losing Logan-I know the situations are different, but you try to tell your heart that after watching two sons enter NICU and only one leaving (you can't help but be that little extra cautious)
Aidan sleeps with a sound and movement monitor as well as a breathing monitor, he hasn't been moved from our room yet so technically he has four monitors if you count his over eager parents who listen out for every peep (difficult in this case as Aidan is naturally a moany/vocal/always making some kind of sound baby-seriously even confirmed with pediatrician that it was normal) The point is, between Aidan's feeding schedules, my own healing and fights with the whole breast feeding/expressing/lactation system I've been too exhausted to blog…
During an average day of being peed, pooed and thrown-up on, between finding baby stuff like socks and beanies all over the place, introducing Aidy to friends and family, getting sudden bouts of baby blues at 2 in the morning when Aidan usually wakes to feed and refuses to go back to bed (in fact he becomes very chatty and then every time he can feel himself doze off he screams blue murder) the day just gets away from me.
The point is, I often want to blog but I just haven't been able to,this stops now…
While I get back to the blogosphere I won't be blogging everyday like in the past and I will be using guest bloggers as well, but this blog is my other baby and I have no intention of letting it fade away, so chat again soon…real soon
PS. In case it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not, this little bundle of joy has stolen my heart and I don't want it back, what I do want back though is my time management skills,hehe

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