The best ways to save water, starting now

If ever there was a time to save water, it is NOW. Well, we should have been taking care of our resourses for ever, but the looming drought has me feeling like maybe the plan to  save water! should be pretty high on everyone’s agenda

Not to long ago, I went to a #skiptheflush event. We were introduced to some amazing products which you could use to kill bacteria and eliminate odour when not flushing. Because every time you flush that is liters of water LITERALLY down the drain, fresh usable water.  I have been using the Skip the Flush products and have a review coming up soon , but before that, here are some water saving tips I got from them…some of these are obvious and others are plain genius!

Here are some novel ways to save water…

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Embrace the Military Style Shower

This refers to basically wetting yourself, closing the shower tap, lathering up, and then turning shower on to rinse…so no water wasting in between.

Hand Sanitiser and Cream

Invest in some nice-smelling, non-sticky water-less hand sanitiser to save from having to use potable water and soap. As magical as this invention is, it does have the tendency to dry out your hands after a while so we recommend finding some lovely – or manly and unscented – hand cream to keep the moisture levels of your skin up.

Dry Shampoo

We all know how great it is to have freshly washed, great smelling hair, however, given the water crisis, perhaps prolong the time between washes and whip out some dry shampoo and scented hair spray.

Grey Water Washing

Whether it’s yours, or a rental, after some obligatory road trips your vehicle is likely to need a good wash – especially if some dirt roads found their way into your journey. Instead of using a hosepipe, or even bucket, rather take it to a car wash that makes use of non-potable water, not only will you be supporting a local business but saving water along the way.

Washing Water

By using biodegradable, eco-friendly detergents to wash your clothes and then collecting the remaining grey water, you can water any thirsty plants in the garden. Be sure to only do this once the water has cooled down or your plants may be rather unhappy.

Make Clothes Last Longer

If clothes have been lightly worn, don’t put them in the wash bin, instead whip up a solution of vinegar, water and fabric softener, give the clothes a light spray and hang them up to air.

Cooking Alternatives

Although boiled veggies can be delicious, the amount of water needed to do so is not ideal at the moment. Instead, consider using a steamer as it requires a much lower level of water in order to be effective. Bonus points – the water can easily be reused to water those thirsty flowers in the garden.

There are way more ways to make a difference, do share yours in the comments

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