When the bad influences are “in-house”

Disclaimer…the bad influences I’m referring to are nothing serious, the boys haven’t joined a gang, started chain smoking or anything, but sheesh they most def seem to activate the naughty gene in each other.

I’m basically here asking for advice so do read and comment with advice. For my sake, for the boys’ sake.

For those who are new here…the boys in question, the ones who seem to be
bad influences on each other, are my five-year-old son, Aidan, and nephews, Caleb,3, and Liam,1. They spend most of their time together as my saintly mother watches them after school.


Individually, these kids are the most well behaved, sweethearts ever. They are all please and thank you, they play nicely and will steal your heart in 5min flat … together, however, LAWD have mercy!

Remember Captain planet? Remember “with our powers combined” well with their powers combined you have the script to a 90s kids movie, think Dennis The Menace, Home Alone, Parent Trap…most days I’m between full out laughing and crying due to the smart mouths, the fearless antics and what Aidan calls,  “boredom challenges”.

In one week…they climbed on to the top of the jungle gym and peed down, they painted on newly installed wooden floors, they put some of my sister’s laundry on the roof and snuck into a locked house through the window and proceeded to eat a bunch of school snacks.

They get reprimanded by my poor overworked mom and also by their individual parents. This tends to work and they hardly ever do the same thing again, but boy, do their “boredom challenges” keep us on our toes.

So any advice? It honestly feels like they are bad influences on each other…granted they are also super sweet together and they teach each other and are fiercely protective of each other, very sibling-like, but at this point, I’m thinking what next? And with the baby hero worshiping the other two you need to watch him like a hawk.

What else can they get up to? Is it possible that they are bad influences on each other or is this normal behavior for kids this age?

4 thoughts on “When the bad influences are “in-house”

  1. Odette says:

    I have no advice. Just here to say my cousins have kids aged 5,4 and 3 and they’re exactly the same. Individually sweet, but once the three of them are together, they’re more than a handful (story: when they were younger the 5 year old told the 4 year old to break one of the windows in their grandfather’s french doors, he naturally compiled).

  2. Lynne says:

    omw, this made me laugh. Been there with my two sons and cousins before. These naughty rascals know how to test your patience and on some days drive you crazy and give you grey hairs!

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