3 easy DIY gifts inspired by Oh So Heavenly

Today I am sharing part one of my two-part Oh So Heavenly DIY challenge.  I love a challenge whether it’s clothes, furniture  or like now, gifts. I’m game…

This particular challenge sees me taking Oh So Heavenly products, using the product as inspiration for a DIY and then gifting both items to unsuspecting people.

Today’s three gifts went to a female security guard I thought could do with a treat,  a woman who went out of her way to ensure my husband had transport to work when we were stuck, and a  friendly face on the train. This is all I am going to say about the recipients because I do not want to make them feel awkward or like I’m using them for an experiment. Just wanted to give you insight into how random my choice has been…The next two are likely to go to our neighbour’s housekeeper who is extremely sweet to us and to the lady who sells me fruit on the way to work.

The  first three Oh So Heavenly inspired DIY projects

A coffee scented candle to go with the Oh So Heavenly Cream Oil Collection Coconut Cream Macadamia Oil foam bath 

The amazingly decadent creme sells for R53.99 and is worth every penny. It leaves your skin feeling soft and the smell is amazing.

To turn it into a little gift duo I added a DIY coffee scented candle. All I did was fill a beautiful glass jar with coffee beans and a tealight candle. the heat from the candle gives off a light coffee smell and it makes a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

A microwave heat bag  with Cotton Caress Room Spray

This fresh smelling spray can be used to give a stuffy room a great smell. It can also be used as a linen spray and is a sensory treat with top notes of fresh white cotton, lilies, and patchouli. At only R29.99 it makes for cute gift addition.

To complete the gift I took some velvety material. I turned the material with the good side in and sewed around the edges to make a pillow like shape, I left a hole to turn the material right way around and then filled it with a mix of lentils and rice, you can use either ( I just didn’t have enough of either so added it together). Then you sew up the hole and microwave it for 2.5 minutes when needed.

Treat jar with Love Your Lips Bubble Balm Mint To Be

oh so heavenly

This lip balm is a staple for me this winter because it has a nice thick formula that deals with chapped lips pretty well. It also has a great taste (I know I am not the only one who likes the taste of lip balms, don’t hate) and you don’t have to keep reapplying the whole time. At under  R35 this is a cute little thank you gift for a friend.

To make it an even better gift I filled a cute jar with jawbreakers, I was actually looking for gum balls, but I thought hey why not, blast from the past and all that.

I kept the DIYs ridiculously easy,  I wanted to make gifting very easy and quick to prove that you don’t need much to treat a friend.


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