Bringing my curls back in the kitchen

I don’t straighen my hair often. Much to the disappointment of oh so many family members and Facebook friends… Every time I blow out my hair I’m told just how much better I look.

It annoys me because thats like me telling someone they look better with coloured contacts or breast implants, it’s not me, it’s not natural. That being said I do like to shake things up a bit every now and then and get a professional blow out…. The only problem is my curls look so bleugh after that. Heres how I tried to resuscitate my curls using my kitchen shelves.

I have my after straightening plan but needed a little more help this time around. I’ve read so many posts about DIY masks that I thought why not. I mean my DIY gel is bomb so I pulled out a few things that I’ve seen people make mention of.

– 1 egg
– TBS mayonaise
– TBS honey
– TBS coconut oil

I totally pulled these measurements out of thin air, but figured it was a good start and I know most people would have gone for more oil – but coconut oil and I have a, less is more type of relationship.

Initially I was nervous because I thought the smell would be off-putting…. Turns out, nope, if anything, I smelt like fancy salad dressing.

I left it in for 10min under a plastic packet – it was a woolies packet which makes me 50% ghetto 50% boujee, right?

I accidentally fell asleep so the mask hardened on my head and freaked me out a little. I have read that too much protein can be bad for your hair. I rinsed it and quite frankly may hair still felt hard, I was nervous!!! But then I said a little prayer, did a second rinse…. And BOOM my curls are back.

I don’t recon this will become a weekly thing, but I definitely recommend you try.

Let me know if you’ve ever used your kitchen cupboard on your hair… How did it go?!

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