How to make dress-up boxing gloves

So why make dress-up boxing gloves? Well, Aidan is at a “LIKE YOU” stage. He wants to do everything Rob and I do. This includes boxing.
Please be under no illusions that I’m like a boxing person now.

Rob bought me a speed bag and showed me how to use it for stress relief. He himself has a punching bag and now Aidy wants in on the action with his inflatable doll thing that comes back up when you punch it – you know the type.

To make it more realistic I decided to make him some “dress-up boxing gloves” from felt here is how:

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The gift of a family game night

So yesterday I showed you how to make a Pictionary-like board game. Today I show you how to turn that, or any other board game/board games into a great gift for a family you love


. I’m doing this for my family and Robs family this year and I can say it on here because none of them read my blog. True story hahaha my siblings and his (the intended gift receivers) are not blog readers so I can say just about anything about them haahaha…but I love them so I won’t

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Toddler boardgame DIY (Mary had a little lamb)

This week we finish off our Nursery Rhymes with Mary had a little lamb 🙂
I really had to think good and hard to get to a DIY because I have just been too busy with my own little lamb – but I think I nailed it with the toddler board game  – I am super modest, can you tell
Here we have it; a board game your toddler can get involved in 🙂 and I even made the printable available  … download toddler board game HERE

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