How to make magnets out of mini groceries

little shop magnets

So I’ve got another fridge magnet DIY for you…

You know how everyone is little shop crazy? You don’t know? You live under a rock do you?

Hehehe just teasing, but really, I didn’t think anything would surpass the PNP stickeez craze, but I was wrong as Checkers sort of hit the nail on the head with theirย Little Shop Collectables. Grown folk are losing their minds over these tiny stinking cute toys.

I got a bunch yesterday and simple HAD TO turn them into fridge magnets…

You needed more fridge magnets did you Eleanor?

“Well no, but one doesn’t simply turn ones back on the cuteness that is a easy DIY”

I have a thing for fridge magnets and to date have shown you guys how to make:

Photo Fridge magnet

Button Fridge Magnet

and Glass Fridge Magnet


The thing is, I’m not the collecting sort (Your shoes, fabric samples and craft supplies beg to differ missy) I’m not into collecting in the “must find next in series” type way. Probably why I’m not into the Pokemon Go thing, because, I’m like oooooooh so cute, so fun, so over it…

BUT I just thought the mini groceries are simply the cutest little things ever and since chances of me filling a book with them are slim to none, I decided to stick them on my fridge…as one does…

What I needed was….

little shop fridge magnets

A bunch of little shop magnets (disclaimer when people post their little shop haul on social media, I’m always thinking, “they sure buy loads at Checkers” just saying.

little shop fridge magnets

You need glue, a stick for glue application and magnets (I just a cut up magnetic sheet)


You then simply glue the magnets to the back of the little shop toys (you need bigger/stronger magnets for the heavier “groceries”)…like Aidan shows below:


Super simple, super cute

10 thoughts on “How to make magnets out of mini groceries

  1. Jozi Wahm says:

    The first thing I saw when I saw these mini groceries was that I was going to turn them into fridge magnets. Greta minds think alike!

    I got as far as buying the magnet strips but never stuck them on yet.

  2. Michelle says:

    Oooooo I’m one of those crazeeeee grownups, lol!!! I love my Checkers minis and now I finally have something to do with all the duplicates. Thanks Eleanor for the idea.

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