Our Stampede cruise adventure with Experience Days

Recently I got the opportunity to choose an experience through Experience Days. I went for a waterfront cruise with Stampede Cruises and despite losing my phone in the ocean I highly recommend it.

The trip was booked through the Experience Days website at only R250 per person for about two hours and includes light snacks. There are other options like the oyster cruise and the nearby island cruise and even an option for custom cruises but myself, Rob and four friends, decided to go basic for our first trip with Stampede Cruises.

The cruise is operated by Rod and Sherry, PE natives who have an incredible hands-on approach to their business. I swear the slightly Crocodile Dundee looking Rod has you feeling like you are on your uncle’s boat with his friendly yet no-nonsense demeanor. You instantly know that you are in good hands without being afraid to move (I have a thing with customer service).
They also check in with you before the trip and make sure that the conditions are ideal for getting onboard.
We were scheduled to go on a Saturday but Rod called me and said something about knots of wind and unfavorable conditions and we rescheduled. I really appreciate that because it’s so clear that they really care about their clients.
They also really care about nature and Rod is particularly knowledgeable about Algoa Bay. This is not surprising as he has spent his life “on water” with 40 years of fishing and boating experience.

The catamaran used for the cruise is comfortable and sturdy. A far cry from my last boating experience which resulted in my getting sick in front of a nature documentary team as we released an elephant seal back into the wild.
I mean I was even able to chill out on the catamaran’s net trampoline without freaking out. The net trampoline is a net on the front of the boat where you are suspended over the ocean , it feels AMAZING! very Hollywood and roughing it at the same time. If I am even making sense.
It is such a great way to see the Bay! I was particularly chuffed to see the iconic Shark Rock Pier from a very different angle.
My phone fell out of Rob’s bag as we disembarked and I am BEYOND BUMMED at losing my new phone and the amazing shots of the bay I got using it.
Funny thing is that even without the pictures the experience was so epic that I will never forget it.
I remember the look on my sisters face when water splashed up and wet her back  while she lounged on the net trampoline, how she freaked out and held on to her fiance for dear life.
I remember the sun on my face and the sea breeze in my hair and just this feeling of #blessed. A term I seldom use because it is so over used. But our country has so many amazing things to do and experience, we are so #blessed to be able to dive and sail and interact with wildlife on our doorsteps.

What makes it even more amazing is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, I mean a cruise starts at R250.

Experience Days has all kinds of other things like tours and dives and lessons and I just feel like in today’s world where we have a tendency to acquire so much stuff it just makes sense to invest in ourselves a little and experience things instead of hoarding things.


So this year I want to try and do that for myself and loved ones. Because memories last long after Ariel steals your phone.

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