How to throw a rainbow party like Emma

Rainbow party inspiration ahead… Rainbow’s are great for all ages, it’s simple yet fun and you can do so much with the theme, as Laura proved with her youngest daughters party.

I haven’t done a party feature in a while so it’s super exciting to feature Laura of Harassed Mom‘s  daugther, Emma.

Laura is such an inspiration  to me in both blogging and business and you simply must check out her blog. As a mom of four she knows all about planning a party so check out what she did for her youngest.

1.       Name and age of birthday girl
It was Emma’s 2nd birthday party

2.       How did you decide on a theme?
I love colours and I didn’t feel like another fairy/Disney themed party so I started googling ideas and was hooked on it from the second I saw all the colours. I LOVED this theme and would do it for all my kids birthdays if I could.

3.       DIY or shop bought?
Both. I did a lot of the stuff myself, the streamers were obviously bought but I hung them up to create a brightly coloured curtain back drop. I made the cake myself from a ready made box mix but still I put it all together J. I made all of the food, which was actually a lot of fun.

4.       Any behind the scenes blunders?
The jelly all melted in like 5 minutes and you couldn’t really see the rainbow colours which I was a little bummed about because it took a long time and effort to make.

5.       What was best part of the day?
All the colours. Really it looked so amazing!!! It was a stunning day which made it even more beautiful and everyone had the best time. The kids were in the pool most of the time and just had good old fashioned fun.

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