Childs Farm range worth the hype?

If you follow any “mom bloggers” chances are you have heard about the Childs Farm range of body products which has recently launched. The products are pediatrician and dermatologist approved. It is also suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin and people are raving about it.

So obviously we had to check it out for ourselves. Here is what we thought:

What we think of Childs Farm Products

They sent us the Hair & Body Wash, The Shampoo and The Baby Moisturiser to try out and were super cool with me being my usual honest self, let’s see if they live to regret that, hehehe:

The nitty gritty

The range of products don’t contain any parabens, SLSs, mineral oils or artificial colours and the majority contain over 98% (by volume) naturally derived ingredients. So it is supposed to be super gentle yet effective.

What we were looking at

Aidan does not have particularly sensitive skin and he is not prone to eczema. He is prone to bruising due to anemia and being a crazy six-year-old though, but that is not really a bubble bath fixable problem. Something that we could fix with the right blend of organic ingredients is his dry hair and skin in the winter time.

Childs Farm products we tried:

Hair and body wash

I don’t usually like products that double team, I don’t trust it, I feel like it’s trying too hard! No commitment! But if I’m honest this one product approach is perfect for a kid like Aidan who already has a million things in the bath with him (a plastic bath in the shower no less) .

Aidan says the Sweet orange scent makes him smell like warm orange juice. He isn’t wrong, it does have that vibe, but in quite a lovely way. It foams up quite a bit though which isn’t ideal for curly hair, so don’t use too much if that is the case. It does seem to detangle though which is a winner with Aidan who is sooooooo tender headed, every time I cut his hair he says he can feel the strands of hair in pain. So this is a win. It also gives him a gentle yet effective clean so double win.


So since the body wash has shampoo in, I stole this. Natural hair girls know that organic shampoos free from mineral oils, parabens and the like, are a must. Especially if it has essential oils; in this case, organic mint and argan oil. Also, it smells like delicious gourmet bubble gum. Sorry that’s the best way I can describe the smell.

It’s not my favourite kiddies shampoo to use on my own hair, but it is definitely on the list. Top three, tying for second behind the Pure Beginnings Fun Time Conditioning Shampoo.

It gives a good clean and detangles which is what I need more than anything, detangling!!!

Baby moituriser

In Aidan’s six years as a resident of earth he has never used anything but baby moisturiser – and no not only because I’ve been reviewing baby moisturisers, okay that too – I just love that babyish smell, man!

This baby moisturiser is quite mildly fragranced which is good for a house full of people with nasal allergies. It is also absorbed into the skin very well and so quickly – which is something that is super important to me. I hate feeling like freshly buttered toast with cream just on my skin all willy nilly. This is why I usually opt for oils.

Out of the three products the moisturiser is my fave.

Have you tried the range yet? what do you think? Worth the hype?

Childs Farm products are currently available in Baby City, Clicks stores and via Prices range from R99 to R119.99, with a range of over 15 different products to choose from.

For more information on Childs Farm products visit or the local Facebook page:

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