Host an Oreo inspired games day

So this weekend we hosted an Oreo Cup games day. Granted the Oreo Cup is actually an online game where you play against the rest of the Oreo loving world and stand in line to win big prizes for your efforts. But we thought we would put our own spin on it and host a team building day.

So we rounded up bloggers from around Nelson Mandela Metro and got a little (a lottle) competitive… Here some tips to hosting your own Oreo inspired games day.

6 steps to an Oreo inspired games day

1. Find Oreo loving people

This is definitely the easy part, especially since you get all sorts of cookies these days, we had the vanilla, the chocolate centered and the original. Snacking on Oreos is important because you need barcodes to unlock the Oreo Cup games on the site, also it’s snacking on Oreos.

2. Choose teams

Since the idea is team building you need to get people out of their comfort zones, away from their usual clique. We tossed coloured bands into a bag and had every one choose one, this signified their team colour and they could wear the bands so we could differentiate teams.

3. Wear name tags

Not everyone knows everyone’s names, especially in the online community. You could be calling someone by their Instagram handle for years before you find out @barbiespider is actually Kim (I made that name up, hahaha, what is a barbie spider). The same for work or church or any group event. “You’re next, guy from Marketing”, is a little disrespectful, especially when he is actually dude from Accounting.

4. Set your games up in a way that everyone has a chance to play

This is not a high school group assignment when one person does all the work and the rest go to a pool party where you didn’t even want to go, even if you were invited cause you hate pools anyway… Oooops had a flashback. But seriously, we found that having enough games for everyone to have a chance is vital. We had everyone represent their team in one online game and one action activity.

5. Pull the theme through

I love a good theme. Cute and Chic Events made sure everything looked Oreo-like. But we also brought the Oreo flavour through in the games. Like Milk Pong instead of beer pong and Cookie monster (feed yourself cookies without using your hands – place cookie on your forehead and have it fall into to your mouth).

6. Have referees

Many a good friendship has been broken up through, “You cheated” “No, you cheated” So assign some people to keep the order.

7. Start practicing

The Oreo Cup part of the games day can be a little tricky but so much fun. The games are all one minute long (perfect to log your score and move on) . There are five games.  Ladder Dunk,  Crazy Twist, Flash Lick,  Seesaw Twist and Spiral Dunk. To play just
dial *120*8826# or visit

This can make for such a fun team building experience. And if the kids feel jealous set up their own game night.

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