Mom and me curls with Pretty Please Charlie

One of the first South African blogs I found when I decided to become a “blogger” (am I a blogger yet by the way? have I passed the test? can I put it on my cv yet?) was Charlene from Pretty Please Charlie. I ended up featuring her about her blog and about her shoes.

I like her, can you tell?

Her daughter and herself have the most amazing blonde curls since like EVER!!! so here she is chatting about her hair 🙂

For Mom:
5 random facts about you and your hair
1. I only started loving my curls when I was about 21. How sad?!
2. I’ve been a blonde for the last 12 years, and 2 weeks ago I went for a complete colour change. I am now rocking the latest trend – denim hair. And I couldn’t love it more.
3. People still ask me if I perm my hair (is that still a thing?!).
4. I look like a completely different person with straight hair. I think I’ve only done it about 5 times in my whole life (I have no idea how to use a straightener), and people have literally walked past me without recognising me.
5. I often cut my own hair. I have no talent at all, but luckily curls can be very forgiving.

4 products or activities you can’t live without
1. A detangling brush. I have two high-end detangling brushes that I love, but honestly, I still use my ‘cheapie’ in the shower.
2. Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch.
3. Conditioner. Loads and loads of conditioner.
4. Sulphate-free shampoo. The condition of my hair improved the moment I changed to sulphate-free.

3 Tips for other curly curls
1. Wear your hair the way you want to. Full stop.
2. Make sure that you go to a hairdresser than understands curls. I have walked out of salons with the most hideous cuts and blowdries too many times.
3. Conditioner is your best friend.

2 misconceptions about curly hair
1. Curly hair is wash and go. Sorry, what?! People have no idea how much conditioner and mousse gets applied to this head before I leave the house.
2. I’m not sure about all curly girls, but I often get asked if I comb my hair. Of course I comb my hair. Can you imagine the knotty mess it would be if I didn’t?!

1 favourite way to wear your hair Wild and curly with a deep side part.

For Baba:

5. Child’s name and ages?
Cara, 5

4. Is her curl pattern the same as yours?
Exactly the same 🙂 I love that we have the same hair3. What products do you use on her hair?
As a beauty blogger, I get to test quite a few lovely hair products and I use them all on Cara’s hair as well. I want to keep those locks in the best shape possible because I want her to love her hair as much as I do. My go-to range is definitely Palmer’s Coconut Oil. For both of us. I truly don’t think there is another budget range that can beat it.

2. How do you style and treat?
I dry her hair using a diffuser, but they look their best when I comb through a bit of conditioner and let it air dry. The most perfect curls you have ever seen! Enough to make me very envious.

1. What are their individual favourite styles?
Cara loves braids. I blame her teachers. She often comes home with gorgeous braids, and then she can’t understand why mom can’t recreate them. I better start learning, hey?!


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