Curly countdown with Robyn Thomas

I’m super excited to share today’s curly countdown with you!!! Robyn Thomas from bewhole is another blogger who first attracted me with her hair – I sound so shallow #sorrynotsorry – I stumbled across her instagram feed and she became an instant hair crush.  I then read her blog and realised that she is super cool so DO CHECK HER OUT,she is all about travel, wellness and is slightly book obsessed (like most of the people closest to my heart) links at the bottom

5 random facts about you and your hair

1. I transitioned into my natural hair

I decided to gradually transition into my natural hair because I was afraid that my hair would be too short if I immediately had a big chop and I’m not too fond of super short hairstyles for myself. The transitioning period was quite stressful. When you’re transitioning, your hair is two distinct textures and it’s quite difficult to style if you’re not simply tying it into a bun. Cutting away my treated ends was such a relief and extremely liberating. I can’t believe that it’s already been two years.

2. I’m a recovering product junkie

Once I’d realised how much moisture my natural hair was craving, I bought everything in sight to hydrate it – that was a big mistake. I wasted so much money on curl creams and conditioners, and now I have a cupboard full of half-used products at home.  When you’re trying a new product you have it give it at least a month to take effect. Since my hair is more ‘coily’ and gets dry really quickly I needed something that could work quickly.

3. My hair is a mixture of type 4 A and B 
I don’t place too much focus on my hair type because my natural hair has two difference textures. I have a mixture of waves, front and back tight curls and looser curls around my crown. It’s helpful to know what your hair type is so that you can further research suitable products, hair care methods and even styles, but not place placing more focus on your research than observing what your hair agrees with.

4. Youtube sensation, Naptual85 is my go-to natural hair guru
Youtube is where I find all my hair inspiration.  Sadly, in South Africa, there is very little support for women with natural hair. More and more women are going natural but I have yet to see a salon devoted to natural hair in Cape Town.

5. Regular trims
All naturals, especially women with type 4 hair, dread having our hair cut.  My hair shrinks a lot so I usually avoid having to trim for as long as possible.  I get my hair cut by stylist, fellow natural, and owner of Coiffure Ezra. I trust Ezra to cut my hair because she is not only professional, she is a natural herself.

4 products or activities you can’t live without

1. Lush American Cream Conditioner
By far the most moisture-rich conditioner I’ve come across (and there have been a lot). It’s a bit pricey (depending on how much conditioner you use) but definitely worth it.

2. Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo
My hair smells amazing when I use this product. It’s packed with chunks of coconut which acts as a bit of an exfoliator for the scalp. I love it.

3. Olive Oil
Olive oil does for my hair what coconut oil seems to be doing for everyone else. I buy extra virgin olive oil (for cooking) and use this as a moisturiser for my wash & go. I usually apply a small amount while my hair is still damp and then also have a mixture of water and olive oil in a spray bottle to lightly spritz my hair every day.

4. Protective styling with twist braids
Braids are my saving grace for when I’m having a busy month or travelling. I love getting chunky havana twist braids (aka marley braids) done because they’re not too tight or damaging to my hair. They don’t last as long as the three-strand braid but I also just think the twist suits me better than the three-strand braid.

3 Tips for other curly curls

1. Stop combing your hair
There’s no need for a comb unless it’s a wide-tooth afro comb to create volume. I always finger detangle my hair after applying conditioner. Finger detangling reduces breakage, it reduces frizz, and it promotes curl definition. 

2.Get yourself a satin sleep cap
The satin Sleep Cap has been such a game-changer for me. I wear it to bed at night or even when I’m just lounging around the house with my head rested. My ‘wash and go’ lasts for four days this way – on the fourth day I usually rock an upstyle.

3. Co-wash
If you have a similar hair type to mine, you’ll appreciate the introduction to co-washing. Washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It works. I wash my hair with shampoo every second week, and co-wash in between.

2 misconceptions about curly/afro/natural hair

1. Our hair doesn’t grow quickly
My hair grows really quickly. People are always asking if I’ve cut my hair because my curls have maximum shrinkage. I haven’t done a length check in a while but my hair should be just a bit longer than shoulder length. 

2. It’s low maintenance
Having natural hair doesn’t mean that your hair care routine will become low maintenance. I set aside 2 hours on the day I wash my hair, to ensure that my products are getting their full use and that my hair is treated correctly.


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