A change is a brewing

Flip I’m tired this morning

Went out last night and saw Dalin Oliver‘s show “I came I taught I left”…super funny BUT Since I’m old now and it was a week night I’m feeling ready for a nap.

So…I’ve gathered you all here for a bit of an announcement;
You know how I decided to ditch the 9-5 last year and do my own thing? Well it’s going well so well in fact I need to regroup and recalculate…. like a GPS

So what is Eleanor up to?

– I’m still mostly my own boss (I lie I just have way more bosses now)
– I now work up to 5 days a week in an office doing design and layout
– I still run OhBoykids with the help of my cousin who holds the fort when I can’t – THANKS SO MUCH RONETHEA
– I’m still the craft person over at the new look Tums2Tots too so do check that out
– I freelance write and have a super awesome project I’m working on which includes me writing a ton of, fun but time consuming, articles
– I’m organising the #ECmeetup with Luchae from My Spreadsheet Brain
– I’m reworking the blog… more DIY, CRAFTS, TIPS things I’m crazy about. But I will be going from posting every day to three times a week – quality over quantity and all that. But on other days (on every days) you can still stay in touch on instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest

Well that’s me… Please stay in touch and tell me in the comments what you would like to see more of on the blog

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