The Lego declared me a princess


 Your first question might be “is she high”, “is Lego paying her”, “is she running out of things to say”
The answers are… I wish, that would be pretty awesome, nope never

The other evening I was plagued by nightmares. The first involved me having my leg cut off in some sort of freak accident. It hurt, I cried. In the second dream I was run over by either a bunch of marathon runners or cyclists and I fell down breaking my leg, the pain shook me to my core, my body ran cold.
In the third dream I was in pain and I did not know why…It looked like I had been shot, pain shook my body as I lay in a pool of blood.
The dreams were short lived, it’s like they hurt too much to keep my body captive too long. I’d get sucked in and then spat out into a few minutes of slumber to be pulled back in and tortured.
It was around 4am when I couldn’t take it anymore, limbs heavy, head pounding, I pulled myself upright, practically gasping for air I reached out to touch my abused leg…
WTF!!! A Lego! I had spent the night with a Lego sticking into my leg L so many einas
BUT it made me think of the princess and the pea and I decided that this is some sort of mother of a toddler princess test and I passed…
So you may address me as your Royal Highness


Have an awesome weekend my fellow princesses, and the occasional prince J

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