Christmas Crafts: Monster Wallet

I’m starting out my series of Christmas Crafts with a quick tutorial…how to make a monster wallet. Aidan really wants a wallet and since I figure he is going to lose it anyway (I know my kid) I decided to make one…it makes an ideal stocking filler, especially if you put a card/coins from game center in there.


I will be sharing a bunch more decor and stocking filler ideas as we count down to Christmas. I honestly can’t believe how fast time has flown! was it not just New Year two days ago?

I did something similiar last year, (because I simply can’t resist a Christmas crafts…it includes my two favourite things! making things and giving things ) but this year I will be including video tutorials which you can find on my INSTAGRAM you should totally follow me there

Any how back to the craft at hand: this was made using super basic materials and techniques…

You will need:


Felt, some felt scraps, a pair of scissors, fabric markers, fabric glue, elastic band, googly eyes


Cut a rectangle out of your felt


Cut a piece of elastic band to overlap the material


Decorate your elastic band

This is optional, but a fun touch.



Put the elastic band behind your material, a few cm from the top

Use your fabric glue on the felt and the elastic band, the brand I use requires the glue to “dry” and get tacky before you stick anything down



Stick it down… I know it looks messy, but the glue dries clear, do not worry about it


Glue the eyes on



Stick something fun in there and….


You have a super simple monster wallet for your pre-schooler

It’s really sooooo easy to make

Crafty Christmas: super easy monster wallet stocking filler #craftychristmas

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