Easy black bean fritters

I made black bean fritters which might lead you to ask… “so are you turning everything into a fritter these days?” the answer is yes, I sort of am.

I’ve been working from home and “home schooling”, and quite frankly vegetable fritters are quick, easy, filling and are better than processed lunch alternatives in my opinion.

So I’ve shared my corn fritter recipe and pea and spinach fritter recipe but this time I’m sharing something a little different, practically a whole meal in a bite. Black bean fritters with feta.

What you need
A tin of black beans
Quarter of red onion
2 eggs
cup of flour
Spice mix
Favourite herbs
Quarter block of feta

What you do
Drain and mash beans
Flavour with favourite spices and herbs
Chop onion and feta
Combine all ingredients

  • fry little patties and serve with toppings of your choice… Guacamole and extra feta is my favourite

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