Fancy smoothie bowl without the fuss

I wanted to get in on the smoothie bowl trend, but I was not keen on breaking the bank and spending ages in the kitchen.

I like to think of myself as boujee on a budget and this definitely falls into that category.

Firstly what is a smoothie bowl even? It’s basically a thicker heartier smoothie which you eat with a spoon after you decorated it with pretty healthy ingredients and took a few pics for the gram.

It is often made with super foods and is a good way to get in all those extra vitamins and minerals. It is also a good way to finish up the last bits of fruits, nuts and seeds you have laying around.

For mine I went with a four ingredient berry and beetroot smoothie.

I blended:

a frozen banana with

a small tub of plain yogurt,

a hand full of frozen blueberries and

a heaped spoon of beetroot pulp. (I save beetroot pulp when I make beetroot juice) this is not a must I just keep some pulp frozen because I like the colour, the earthy taste and I have iron deficiency anemia and beetroot is iron rich.

– blend everything together and dish into a bowl… Now comes the fun part, the healthy garnish.

I went with my favorite granola in the world. It’s called Spiced Dukkah and is from the Nutristart Hello range. It has hints of cinnamon,cumin, mint and even pepper (it’s slightly savory and works on soups and salads as well)

I covered half the top with granola then sprinkled on some chia seeds and sesame seeds (both filled with protein, fiber and other benefitial nutrients – I had some left from my seed bar recipe ) . I finished off the bowl with sliced up kiwi fruit which is probably good for you too, but I just think it’s tasty.

It is super yummy and crazy easy…

Have you tried a smoothie bowl. What are your favorite ingredients.

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