How I finally got the crayon marks off the wall (a Chux review)

When the people at Chux sent me a box of cleaning supplies, I honestly thought, “uhmmmm so what makes you so special, apart from being Australian?
hey, cleaning products? surely a sponge, is a sponge is a sponge?”
Well, for the most part, I still think a sponge is a sponge, HOWEVER! there were a few things that stood out for me like one product’s ability to take crayon marks off my newly painted walls without hassle…

Here is a list of my top picks and what makes it a lil slicker than your average.
First things first they have Jeanie D as a spokesperson, how random is that? she does not bring up any homemaker vibes in my head, AT ALL, but I like her authenticity (from what I can see that is. We have only ever met once at fashion week, and that was not even a meeting we just happened to be in the front row together and she kind of half smiled at me or at her phone I dunno) I like her based on her being so damn extra and not even a little apologetic about it, she once said in an interview that she will pay for beauty treatments and fancy clothes because her image is her business and her investment, I liked that…. CAN YOU GO SO OFF TRACK! back to the sponges at hand:

Chux Heavy Duty Scourer Scrubs

– Are thinner and longer than the usual brick ones, so they get into difficult to reach spaces.
– They are thinner so dry quicker
– They have a hole which allows you to hang it up to dry, which is awesome because I’m so over mucky sponges
– Because they are heavy duty, I can use it in my craft projects, like getting the grime off second-hand furniture like I did with my chair remodel

Chux Non-Scratch Scourer

– You can clean them in the dishwasher
– They clean without scratching because I have scratched my fair share of “non-stick” cookware
– Has an angled shape so helps to get into tricky spaces.

Chux Super wipes

– Rinses easily – which seems like a given, but I find that way too many of these cloths are practically single use as they don’t get clean easily.
– It dries fast, I reckon it is the loose weave of the material
– It is machine washable
– wipes counter pretty well- I’m no expert, but with our ant problem, we are constantly wiping and these cloths work well

Chux Magic Eraser

It is chemical and detergent free and removes the peskiest of marks, as you can see in the video below., All you need is to dampen it and the marks disappear…Aidan’s crayon artwork is GONE!!!

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