A non make-up artist’s view of The Beauty Store

So I was invited to this really awesome event, The Beauty Store launch in conjunction with Dupe Factorie. Initially I just wanted to go because my friends were going – am I ten? Do I want matching backpacks?

Truth is, even though I am mostly seen without makeup (like a savage, hahaha) I have been dabbling, I like the idea of it and boy do I love lipstick, so I attended.

First things first, when did everyone becomes so airbrushed beautiful? If you see any beauty blogger make reference to a big haired woman staring at them at an event, they mean me. WOW! Like just WOW!

Truth is I was intimidated, I mean my eyebrows are still made up of 98% hair, and I don’t know my bronzer from my strobe cream (I lie, I do, I just don’t know how to apply it as amazingly as the women in attendance did) .

So back to the shop, it is a new place in Main Road Walmer  and it is soooo cute!

Here are my views on the The Beauty Store: also as a reward for reading my post I will add a discount code at the end of this post – don’t now scroll past, don’t be that person!

  • I liked that the prices were on most of the products, like don’t make me ask man, it’s embarrassing for both of us when I have to gasp in horror because you want me to put down a down payment on an eye shadow.
  • I like that it’s positioned with a bunch of other cute places (It is in a renovated home come business complex) so you can lunch, buy clothes and buy wine right there, I’m all about multi tasking and minimal parking.
  • They stock really cool things like foundation pallets which I know from my makeup artist friends, would usually  have to be bought online
  • They can make up a kit for you based on your needs and your budget

I walked away FrOM THE BEAUTY STORE with

  1. A highlighting fan (it was in my goodie bag and I had to ask what it was) It makes me feel like I know what I’m doing – I don’t – but I might let it fall out of my bag in front of intimidatingly beautiful women and they would all be like “this girl knows what’s up” (disclaimer: this girl does in fact not know)
  2. Eye lashes (also in goodie bag ) I love falsies and have had mine professionally done a few times. I am excited to try these out but seeing as my cousin almost glued my eyes shut the last time we attempted that, I am waiting for some more reliable assistance.
  3. I bought a light up mirror… I really wanted this because #cute also it acts as lighting source for video but mostly #cute
  4. I bought this awesome lipstick, which I love so much. It’s a tad sticky at first BUT dries well and doesn’t leave you feeling like you cant move your mouth, the colour lasts so long, it is practically nontransferable and it is just so pretty. I am so going back for her siblings

So here is the thing…the launch incorporated a Dupe Factorie pop up shop. Dupe Factorie is  a growing business that brings the latest beauty trends to South African shores at affordable prices. ‘Dupes’ are commonly known as alternatives in the beauty world – So that’s what they do, they provide and source out alternatives to high end brands that are usually not available in South Africa.

And guess what  they are offering you 5% off your purchases if you use my code JustDupe…see what I did there 🙂  so go HERE and get yourself something nice, I highly recommend the liquid lipstick


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