How to save water on wash day

Like it or not, South Africa is in the middle of a water crisis. We need to save water. That’s the plain and simple truth, especially in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth – the dams are running dry.

Concerned citizens have been trying their best, our cars all have that post safari look and we have to go to facebook memories to see what a real luxurious bath looks like. But what about hair wash day? Have you been able to save water? Have you tried?

I share my tips below… Please share yours in the comments.

Ways to save water on wash day

1. Use a low foam shampoo

My hair type/porosity whatever you call it. Makes it very difficult to wash out bubbles. Yes, it’s tough for everyone, but my hair seems to take forever to just get saturated in water so rinsing out a foam takes forever. Thank goodness for shampoos like Loreal Low Shampoo

2. I get multiple uses out of the water

I tend to wash my hair while standing in a basin in the shower. See three uses. Guys our dams are litterally running dry on this side of the world we need to be careful. So now I clean myself and my hair and I can use the grey water for the toilet.

3. I no longer detangle in the shower

My hair tangles so easily and frequently, like seriously, so running water helps, but it’s no longer practical. Now I wet my hair slather on conditioner and detangle. I use a spray bottle for when water extra lubrication is needed.

4. I don’t wash out all the conditioner

This is not a strictly water saving thing, it also helps with moisture retention. The fact that I’m not waiting for water to run completely clear means that I’m not rinsing and rerinsing which means less water, win win

5. I only wash my hair once a week – max

I opt for longer lasting styles like finger coils which don’t need frequent washing. The coils give me a couple days of tame curls and even when it gets unruly I can still clip it up and wear scarves or beanies, but mostly I wear the curls out because I like the wild look.

Do you have water saving tips? Please do share

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