How cancer changed the hair game (Roots series)

Today I start a new hair series on my blog. The curly countdown was fun BUT I wanted to know what going natural meant to people…Erykah Badu says “I’m not my hair” be that as it ma (I’m actually less stubborn than mine) it plays into how people perceive you, like it or not. So I’m starting the series with the newest nati in our family. My cousin Nicole who as long as I can remember had her hair “taken care of” by stylists and looking sleek and fabulous…but things done changed

Nicole: Initially I shaved all my hair off in support of cancer warriors when my mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August last year and since I always wanted to go natural I figured this is a fresh start… I thought it would be an easy transition however when it started growing the first thing I wanted to do was relax my hair. Its instictive, “your hair is thick, you relax it”. its a mental battle having to fight the urge to relax and the urge to be completely and naturally me especially since I didnt have the curly natural hair. When people say go natural everyone thinks go curly but in my case going natural means having a fro. It took some time to adjust but I’ve come to love it. I felt like I suddenly had to carry myself differently.People tend to stare and make snarky comments because not everyone understands the natural journey especially not in our community. I wont lie it wasn’t always easy, but it made me grow as a person and I appreciate the journey. So now I confidently rock my fro,I take the stares and comments because im me and I couldnt be any happier… Style File: I literally just wash my hair, comb it out and let it dry.. Thats when I fro it out… when I make it curly I just wash it and curl it with my fingers by rubbing my fingers on to my scalp in a circular motion…

3 thoughts on “How cancer changed the hair game (Roots series)

  1. Siyamtanda says:

    Cola has inspired me to also go natural. Even though id never admit it to her that shes the inspiration behind the new look that i’m going for. Ive always either had relaxed hair or and weaves and i feel that its time i accept how my hair is. Thanks Nickelodeon

    Love you Bestie


  2. Shelley says:

    Boy do I understand about the relaxer. It’s been a struggle but I’m almost four months clean. Nicole has such a pretty face. Somehow having her hair away from her face makes her beauty easier to see.

  3. Megan Daniels says:

    Big Ups to her.
    All these years I could not understand why I relaxed my hair. I have this thick healthy hair and when you blow dry it it seems I had it relaxed. So when I was 16 I had it cut in hospital due to meningitis and 3 years after it grew back I went for the relaxed again. The game changed in 2016 when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, dear o dear. I could not get to terms with it. I then shaved my hair before the time and had minimal hair loss. In 2017 it returned again and this time I was ready for it, hair loss and all. I am in remission since Nov 2017 and I am loving my curls so so much. Yes it gives me my days when it doesn’t want to play along but I love it. Just last week I did a trim with my mom’s assistance and a blow out… Well, I wasn’t recognised from behind, people came to introduce themselves and was shocked at the growth. But more importantly I found myself. My fro makes me glow… I smile all the time , even when I don’t, because I am happy.
    Thank you all for the support on this group

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