My early 2020 budget beauty finds

I have some budget beauty finds I am dying to share with you.

I know I’m not the foremost authority when it comes to beauty (seeing as I think washing my face and wearing lipstick, makes a pretty good makeup routine) but I have been dealing with some skin issues which have had me getting out of my comfort zone and into a variety of products.

The skin issues in question are breakouts and very oily skin. I didn’t want to splurge in case I just stop using the products and then end up wasting money (having met myself and all). So I did some research and found the following.

My budget beauty finds

Oh so heavenly even tone masks

I used both the peel-off mask and the bamboo sheet mask and personal preference has me leaning towards the sheet mask. They both contain goji berry and pomegranate extracts but according to the labels they do have different vitamins in their formulations. However, they both are said to brighten skin, remove dead skin cells and basically improve radiance. I found the peel one smelt a little alcoholy and peeling things off my face is a pain, but otherwise they both leave you feeling like you had a fancy spa approved face treatment at a fraction of the cost. Also you guys know I’m a Oh so Heavenly fan
Approx price: R30

IQ double action eye makeup remover

I have extremely sensitive eyes, which can be irritated by almost anything, including makeup remover and you know, air. For the times I do wear make-up, I use this, because it removes makeup without me looking like I just watched steel magnolias (red eyed and teary, get it, get it). It is fragrance and oil free and also made right here in South Africa, also it’s vegan (like I was, that one time).
Approx price: R80

Ponds lasting oil control face wash

The oily skin business has been working on my last nerve so I decided to try this face wash. Because it says shine-free right on the bottle and I need to look more shine-free. I actually really love this stuff it removes oil build up and leaves your face feeling clean, but not stripped. The smell is really pleasant and so far I’m a big fan.
Approx price: R30-R40 size dependent

Ponds lasting oil control vanishing cream

Many beauty bloggers seems to rave about this product which shocked me because it’s really inexpensive (and it’s been my experience that beauty bloggers have special savings accounts to cover these things, which I don’t have). It really seems to absorb excess oil and give an instant matte look,which is what I’ve been wanting. I do find that it could leave you looking a little ashy if you put too much on, but I found that once you get your “amount needed” down its pretty awesome. I have been known to add the tiniest bit of my foundation to it if I feel like I’m looking washed out and it works well.
Approx price: R30 -R40 size dependent

Ponds pimple clear

This budget beauty find was really just that, a budget find. Clicks had a three for two special and since I already had what I wanted (see above) I decided to give this a try. I’ve been having breakouts lately and as someone who never got pimples growing up (don’t be jealous I also never got boobs) the appearance of as much as three to four pimples at a time has been quite nerve wrecking. Remember I don’t wear makeup much, I just rely on my micro-bladed eyebrows and pretty lipstick, but for that to be “a look” my skin needs to play along. This product seems to reduce the visibility of pimples, you are supposed to use it in conjunction with the face wash but honestly it’s been working pretty well solo.
Approx price: R50

True scrubs coffee face and body scrub

This is a local product (Uitenhage to be exact), made with all natural ingredients by a local entrepreneur. The product is 100% natural and the antioxidants in coffee can help reduce inflammation and redness. I really love how it feels on my skin and it seems to help with the overall “blahness” of my skin lately. Approx price: R35 to R65 size dependent

What are you budget beauty must haves?

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