Use me God

At Logan's funeral we sang "make me a sunbeam" the song came to me when he died, I remember humming it while watching my two boys (the first and last time I'll see that) Rob was cradling Logan and it is the single most beautiful and saddest thing ill ever see (I'm often humming when I'm emotional so it was not out of usual, but the song was rather out of the blue)

Today a preacher on TV spoke about praying for others with the same conviction you would pray for yourself and also listening out for ways God would like to use you in the service of others.

What humbled me about that is the fact that I've been able to see that in so many ways in this sad time.

I've seen people visibly distraught for our loss, prayers were offered on our behalf when we couldn't form congruent sentences (still can't sometimes) and people have stepped in with all these gestures of kindness, that have not gone unnoticed.

Like the song we sang at Logan's funeral (at the time it meant God was taking Logan to be a sunbeam looking down at us from heaven, that in a way my sunshine was taken away) so many people have gone out of their way to be sunbeams for us, to show God's grace through their actions.

Now all I ask is that I can do that for others, that I can be used in whatever small way to be a little ray of sun in someone else's life.

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