If resolutions were a thing for me…

Do I have resolutions? Not really… love the start of a new year, a new month, a new week though…LOVE IT. And this year I got all three in one day, has this made me resolute?

admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.

Not really, well I’m kinda always those things,not blowing my own horn, but I’m constantly working on resolutions even without being tipsy on bubbly and hearing people mess up the words to Auld Lang Syne for the umpteenth time.

plural noun: resolutions
1.a firm decision to do or not to do something.
“she kept her resolution not to see Anne any more”

I love to reivaluate my position throughout the year based on internal and external factors and feeling like a confused GPS (recalculating, recalculating) so let’s do that… Let’s make a list of “aims” not resolutions because resolutions are synonymous with failure while these are more just “sorta plans”. This is what today’s Eleanor wants out of 2018 tomorrows Eleanor might need more or less or a double shot of gin, who knows.

  • Spend time with loved ones…someone very close to me is in a particularly tricky spot in her fight with cancer, this brings to mind the numerous loses of friends and family in the last few years. You can’t predict the future. Someone could die of a long illness or in a car crash, you never know, but what you do know is; who you want to build memories with, so that’s my plan… And take loads of selfies with my friends so they have pretty profile pics for when I die (lighten up I’m 65% kidding)
  • Get into shape…this is not a vanity or an anti-love your body thing. I’m flippen unfit and I hate it. I take the two flights of stairs to my office job like it’s an expedition to the Andes and I could do with a Sherpa and a tv crew. It’s not cool to feel out of breath from tying your shoes. Leg days shouldn’t be “that time the lift broke”. I want to get into shape and maybe take up something like hiking or competitive selfie taking… whatever gets me out of the house.
  • Embrace my me-ness…. Which might sound like what that guy who flashed me on the way to the train wanted me to do, but it sure ain’t. This year especially on the blog I am going to be even more “me”. Blog readers know I’m pretty honest and I have a slightly off centre sense of humor, sometimes I edit myself down, but letting my true colours show more over the last while (like in Trolls and not the washing powder ad) has made me realize that if you read this blog you probably know I’m a goof and are clearly okay with that.
  • Streamline my job…I need to do this every now and again. I need to be like, okay, so you don’t really have an answer for the question “what do you do for a living?” and saying; “me? I Slay hard, hunty” isn’t accurate and would require way more contouring and some false lashes to truly pull off. So I need to look at my revenue streams and my daily time blocks and make it work. Know that,okay, I need to make x amount of money to keep the wolves from the door and bill collectors off the phone then see what I can do to afford the occasional pretentious coffee and some new fangled thing I’ve heard about called saving which is this practice of having extra additional money that you don’t use for like ages…(sounds cool, I want in)then turn that into a career plan…sounds simple and exhausting enough.

That’s it for now…I have competitions and reviews lined up for the blog. I have DIYs and Crafts and I want to spend a rediculous amount of time reading more than just the instructions on kids toys…so here’s to 2018…

What are your resolutions? Let’s get resolutionary…

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