Why Saltz bath products are on my want list

The first in my Christmas gift guide 🙂 Saltz Bath Salt


Aidan calls it bath sand, and it is certainly a thing in our house!
A “I won’t bath without it” necessity really, and I’m okay with it because it is earth and skin friendly and my kid is three so anything that gets him into the bath is a win.
The bath sand is actually magnesium sulphate based bath salts by Saltz and I LOVE it’s back story.

Saltz was a sponsor at our recent #ECMeetup, I hadn’t heard about the product before then but I must say I am impressed.

There is a pleasant smell but not overpowering at all. This is important with my sinus issues. A little goes a long way, this is important wit my frugal issues.
It’s also not just for kids, have you noticed how everything in your house is for kids?!?!
They have a specially formulated salt for every issue…need to recover, use their Peppermint and Arnica salt, want to detox use their Ginger & Grapefruit, need your muscles soothed use Aloe Vera & Tee tree, stuffy nose use Eucalyptus, Ginger, Lavender and Thyme.


The creator of the product is Corien Vermaak, a mom of two little boys who experienced sleep issues and were very restless in the evening. (Also known as my life). She was told that bathing them in magnesium sulphate based bath salts could rectify the situation. This seemed like a good plan but since her kids have sensitive skin – one would react to certain of the perfumes and bubbling agents used in bath salts and bubble bath – none of the commercial brands worked.

The holistic mommy then started to produce an aromatherapy version for her son combining the age-old knowledge of essential oils with Magnesium Sulphate salts.

Now she sells country wide. Saltz produces 100% Earth friendly and Natural products.
Their  product are: Earth friendly with high biodegradability, Natural and/or naturally derived
Chemical free,Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS/ Slees) free, Perfume free also super affordable

Their products don’t stop at bath saltz, they have soaps and natural rubs visit to www.saltzbath.com

*Products received for #ECMeetup and views 100% my own

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