Mascara test from a make-up newbie

So why a mascara test? Well,  I have started wearing make-up again and wondered if there were other women out there like me. Ones that couldn’t differentiate between a strobe and a highlight without reading the container.  I figured there must be so I decided to test out a few things and share my findings, starting with mascara… These are just from my make-up case


I took pictures of the mascara on my eyes, please note I have absolutely nothing else on my face, only the mascara and a bunch of freckles, lol.


Avon Color Trend Comb IT
Price: Around R70
Availability: Your neighbourhood Avon Lady
I like: The fun little comb makes application a breeze.  I also like that the formula is light and clump free
I don’t like: How messy the tube gets, I’m not sure why, I think it has something to to with a comb instead of a brush


Revlon MegaLash Lengthening Mascara
Price: R120
Availability: I got mine at Woolworths Walmer Park
I like: That it’s clump free and dramatic looking, also you basically just need one coat.
I don’t like: How much the brush picks up, I’m a newbie, mistakes happen, racoon eyes happen


Benefit They’re Real
Price: Around R300
Availability: Online, or selected Edgars stores (havent seen it locally aka Port Elizabeth)
I like: How long lasting it is, what a dramatic difference you see and that it is waterproof
I don’t like: Price tag (because I’m cheap) or availability
wild1Kangol Wild Length Lashes Lash Extend Mascara
Price: Around R60
Availability: Got mine at Truworths
I like: Feels super light but there is definite lengthening. Also love the smell (everyone sniffs cosmetics, right)
I don’t like: The packaging, I feel like it looks cheap,  but that’s nitpicking


My favourite is without a doubt is the Benefit one. And because I’m awesome I’m throwing a tester size and a Benefit balm sample into the CHRISTMAS BOX prize, so don’t forget to enter HERE
Looking at my eyes, do you agree?



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3 thoughts on “Mascara test from a make-up newbie

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  2. Celeste says:

    Benefit is my absolute favorite. I don’t want to go back to another and like you, my least favorite is the price factor but there are just some things you can’t compromise on.

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