Me moment,that quirky girl


I’ve always been different…and that’s ok πŸ™‚
My uncle told me the other day that when I was a little girl he dreaded getting into conversations with me because I was such a serious kid who loved getting into conversations that were beyond my years, hehehe…

My mom says I insisted on being potty trained young because I found nappies embarrassing (learnt to speak early too- never stopped) and hated kindergarten because I expected them to teach me to read not colour…
So jip I was a nerd from birth *can’t look face* even the reasons I got into trouble were nerdy…like bringing matches to school in grade 3, turns out I just used the match box as container for homemade lip gloss – which was mostly petroleum jelly (I started this making things thing young, even remember grinding up my moms roses to make perfume-funny she wasn’t impressed)
I also got into trouble for writing disturbingly gothic poetry at about 10-years-old…they thought I was suicidal while I just thought death and decay made my poetry sound more grown up…. Yeah I was THAT kid, and its ok, with my imagination always going, I have never been bored a day in my life (one rainy afternoon I used tweezers and sugar granules to make pictures) even now I need to be doing at least two things at a time to function (as a pre-teen I’d go for walks while reading-not safe or normal)….
Being “the weird kid” meant I didn’t have that many friends growing-up, people often, “didn’t get me”.
I got used to not being invited to parties and my novelty wearing off pretty quickly…I became a trooper, even though some days ended with me crying into my pillow, I never let things or people stop me for very long (despite a social phobia which made me extremely shy – often mistaken for being stuck up) I still acted in school plays, danced and sang in talent shows, was co-editor of school newspaper and captain of debate team…teasing led to me hating my accent and doubting my talents and looking back I wish I had more confidence in myself and stood up for myself more, but I’m also proud because I was determined to not stand in my own way and hardly ever did…
I was never the pretty one – funny, smart, talented maybe, but never THAT girl… Funny thing , over the years my besties were always THAT girl…if my life was a movie I’d be the quirky best friend to the lead played by Jennifer Aniston or Cameron Diaz…
I’m not saying this to host a pity party, on the contrary…I was sitting here thinking about my life…my embarrassing moments “oh there were many” , my questionable fashion choices “I cringe at the thought” , hair disasters “I still have these”, trips , friends , experiences and I find myself thinking that I haven’t turned out half bad for that awkward girl with way to much hair and way too little confidence.
I like who I have become, I have so many great friends and have a great relationship with my family… I still live life by my own terms, but this time around I’m proud of who I am and look forward to many more great experiences πŸ™‚
To everyone in my life right now, thank you for accepting me, quirks and all…I am one lucky girl and appreciate you all *giant hug*

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