First Builders Peek A Blocks Chase ‘N Slide – toy review

We review the First Builders Peek A Blocks Chase ‘N Slide

What we thought:

I must say I was pretty surprised at just how quickly the boys took to the First Builders Peek A Blocks Chase ‘N Slide since they are aged three, five, and seven respectively and this toy is marketed for kids just after 1.

The age restriction did not deter them, as you can see on their instatv video. It’s been one of those toys that they keep going back to – impressive in the technology age.

Basically you get 30 pieces which include a slide, which you use to can build your own little amusement park for these two little characters that come with it. Pressing a button allows the little characters (with adorable peek-a-boo functionality) to slide down a special slide.

Personally, I like the First Builders Peek A Blocks Chase ‘N Slide because it’s pretty durable – We checked this by Aidan hurling it at Caleb’s head during an argument. (You know how kids do, and It’s still perfectly fine – both Caleb’s head and the blocks).

The blocks might be for younger kids, but we found that Aidan and Caleb both really really loved it. Probably more so than Liam who is more in the age demographic. The great thing about this toy is that it links to the other mega block sets. So if you have one set, you can just continue buying and it all works together.

The main reason I would give this toy my stamp of approval is if you have kids of different ages, the older siblings can play with other younger ones. There are no sharp edges, and the toy is chunky enough for the little ones, while still being interesting enough to pique the interest of older kids. So it’s a definite yes from us.

Retails for R499,90 (It’s not a budget buy, but makes up for that in longevity – all our Fisher Price toys have been able to go From Aidan, through Caleb to Liam, in working condition)

  • We were given this toy to review as a trade exchange but all views are those of my own as well as the little boys reviewing it

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