The Linkimals Lights & Colours Llama – toy review

Today I’m featuring The Linkimals Lights & Colours Llama because buying gifts for kids under the age if one is really tricky.

As a family tradition, we do an extended family secret Santa and this year Aidan drew one of the youngest cousins… Here is why The Linkimals Lights & Colours Llama is an ideal gift for her.

The Linkimals™ Lights & Colours Llama is basically the stacking game we all know and love, but Fisher Price is super extra and took it up a notch.
The addition of colourful lights, catchy music, songs and phrases adds a different element to the toy.
The Llama even introduces kids to different colours. Just stack the rings on the llama’s neck or press down on the topper for the Llama to react.

The Linkimals™ Lights & Colours Llama is a said to be a great development toy as it helps in various ways…

Fine Motor: Grasping and stacking the colorful rings helps strengthen your baby’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Thinking Skills: As your baby works to figure out how to stack the rings in order, they’re practicing problem-solving skills!

Sensory: The llama’s bright lights, colourful rings, and exciting music engage your baby’s visual and auditory skills.

For babies ages 9 months and older and available at Toysrus

Also did you know that the Linkimals toys can actually interact with each other to create a synchronized music and light show How cute is that. (the toys range in price from R300 to R800)

*this is a sponsored post

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