Mushroom inspired meals

When Denny Mushrooms sent me a hamper of their goodies I was super excited because not only could I chat to you guys about their charity endeavors… I got to get creative in the kitchen.

Here are some of the meals I made, I hope they can inspire you to #addgoodness and create some yummy #wintercomforts

Upgrade your stir fry

To make things a little fancier and also more filling without the calories why not add shimeji mushrooms to your bag of frozen stir fry mix and serve with noodles.

Monday meat alternative

King oyster mushrooms are incredibly versatile and can finish off a meat free Monday meal for even the most picky eaters (except Aidan because he is just difficult) . We slice ours up and cook in a Teriyaki sauce, the texture is somewhere between pork and chicken and it is super yummy.

Turn a side into a main

Rice salad made from mixed veg, rice and peri-peri sauce is a lovely main, but I found that adding some shimeji or shiitake mushrooms makes it feel like more of a complete meal

Pass the pasta

Have you tried adding button mushrooms to your bolognase sauce? It is so yummy and it even works with my trusty soya mince recipe.

Rustic risotto

Risotto is one of my all time favourite dishes and adding your favourite mushrooms elevates the meal in minutes

Raw and refreshing

I like raw button mushrooms with a nice dip but this salad ups the anti by adding a lemon dressing and fresh herbs… The recipe called for cucumber and parsley and I added red onion and orange making it even more yum in my opinion

Braai basics

Braai mushrooms have helped me feel at ease at family braais since giving up meat (let’s say mammals because I do eat fish and the occasional roast chicken drum stick). My potato and mushroom skewer are a definite must try

Air fry lunch

The airfryer comes in so handy in this house. Sweet potato fries are awesome but adding mushrooms smothered in feta and cheddar cheese makes things a little more memorable

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