Trying out the Pure Beginnings, adult range

As many of you may know, we are team Pure Beginnings over here. So
when someone pointed out that they also stock products targeted at
adults I had to try.

I tried out their body wash, lotion, shaving cream, and deodorant and
this is what I found.

For the background I love love their conditioning shampoo and
have a full list of my kiddies must-haves in this post.

Back to the issue at hand…Pure Beginnings, adult range

Revitalising Body Wash with Organic Baobab and Ylang Ylang

They say:
Suitable for the whole family, this natural SLS-free body wash infused
with community sourced organic Baobab fruit extract will leave skin
feeling soft and clean. The natural citrus and ylang ylang fragrance
combine to make bath and shower time a delightful experience.

I say:
Super moisturising, lovely foam, a little goes a long way. I also like
the smell but can’t really explain it, it smells like a spa visit to

(Priced around R90)

Refreshing Shave Crème with organic aloe & jojoba

They say:
This shave crème is designed to leave you feeling refreshingly cool
after your shave, whilst not drying out your skin. Jojoba oil will
moisturise the skin, retard water loss, and enhance skin flexibility
and suppleness. Aloe soothes the skin after shaving and helps to
prevent ingrown hair.

I say:
This is probably my favourite of all the products I tried out this
past month. I can already see that it is going to last me ages because
you use so little. It is gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling so
good post-shave.

(Priced around R105)

Hydrating Body Lotion with Organic Coconut & Kigelia

They say:
Suitable for the whole family, this non-greasy all body moisturiser to
soothe and hydrate, leaving skin feeling silky smooth and soft.
Organic Coconut oil delivers hydration and nourishment while community
sourced Kigelia assists to both firm the skin and even out skin tone.
Marula Oil is packed with essential fatty acids and powerful
antioxidants to help maintain the skins moisture barrier, provide
long-lasting hydration and protect against environmental aggressors.

I say:
It absorbs super quickly which is a huge plus for me. I’m not super
sure what this smells like and I won’t say it’s my favourite scent,
BUT the smell is very slight which means it does not fight with your
perfume for dominance. It works really well for dry skin prone to
looking ashy, like mine, as it leaves you looking moisturised but not

(Priced around R105)

Eco roll-on – Monsoon Relaxing Ylang Ylang

They say:
This aluminium free deodorant has hints of rose geranium, ylang-ylang
and patchouli that keep you feeling natural and relaxed all day. It is
designed to target the bacteria that cause body odour.

I say:
I really love the smell, it is very aromatic and spa-like. I have been
teasing that it makes me feel like I went to Paris on an art
scholarship. The only thing is that it does not seem to last super
long on me, my usual brand can see me skipping a shower (lock down things don’t judge) and not
smelling like I did some hard labour, this not so much. So basically
it works but not overtime.

(Priced around R60)

Have you tried the Pure Beginnings adult range? What are your thought?

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