My uber eats fiasco – human error aka my bad

Uber Eats gave me a voucher to try out their service in Port Elizabeth and I had a fun idea to suprise our friends, instead our friends ended up confused with an unexpected bill at their front door.

Here’s what happened… Disclaimer, Uber Eats was great, me however not so much 🤣

On Friday we stayed over at our friends place in PE which we do from time to time. We thought it would be fun to treat our hosts to supper and order the Pizza Hut family meal on uber eats, but seeing as you can track your order on the app I thought, how fun would it be to arrive and *ding dong * our suprise supper arrives just after us. Double bonus I’d be using my uber eats voucher.

But apparently I can’t read, I was supposed to load the promotional code before I started ordering. Also I got distracted and accidently ordered before I was ready, we weren’t ready to go to their place yet and since it takes us around 45minutes to get there it was a problem, a big problem, as I couldn’t figure out where I was supposed to enter my payment details, and then suddenly the app was saying my order was being prepared… Oh no… I just accidentally sent my friends unexpected food and a bill.

So we piled into the car trying to beat the clock. The uber eats app keeps you in the loop from… Ordering, preparation and delivery. We could see our time running out as the app announced a driver named Carrington had picked up the order. We rushed and freaked out because this was not the suprise we were planning.

At this point I has to tell my friend that Carrington was about to show up at her house in a Renault , hand her food and ask for money.

The food ended up arriving before we did, warm and yummy, and I’ve learnt some valuable lessons like… Read the instructions first Eleanor! I would definitely use the app again, it’s convenient and easy and I dont have to drive to pick it up, which is a great because I try to live my life with as minimal cooking and driving as possible…

Things to remember:
° No minimum basket order: This allows you to order as much as you’d like, from one specific restaurant per order.

° R10.00 Delivery Fee

° Schedule an order: You can schedule an order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery window–and as far as a week out.

° Card and cash option: You are able to order via a connected credit card (payment will go off immediately) or via cash (to be paid when the delivery-partner arrives with the order)

° Filter food: You can look up restaurants according to specific criteria like customer ratings, speed, price, and dietary constraints. Want to see all gluten free options available within 30 minutes? No problem. Dish information and average prep times help us share the right dishes that will come at the right time.

° Personalised recommendations: When you open Uber Eats you should be able to find what you want with ease. Such as your go-tos, 30 minute delivery options, and popular options near you based on past orders.

*voucher received for review

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