My top Korean Drama picks on Netflix

So I have started a love affair with Korean drama during the lockdown.

I think the main reason I like them is because I have to read subtitles and it means I can’t have my phone with me (I’ve been trying to limit my social media intake because things are so hectic out there, everything is so negative and I needed some escapism) I was just flipping through Netflix and I was like, hey, let’s try this out. Okay, eight different series later. I am here to say that I’m kind of hooked. So I thought I would give you guys my top three Korean drama picks.

I am probably going to come back with an updated list (since I can’t seem to stop watching) but at the moment these are my top Korean Drama picks… I seem to lean towards romantic comedy, but there are different genres to choose from.

Oh my Venus
The story of a 33 year old attorney who started her life out as literally “The Most Beautiful Girl in Town” things change for her (as they do for all of us) and she finds herself in a dead-end relationship and a dead-end job, having gained way more weight than she had anticipated. Through a series of ridiculous events she meets a hottie of a coach who changes her life. These shows have a bit of a telenovela aspect so turns out he’s a multi-millionaire with a secret, but I love the humor, love the actors and it is definitely the show that I tell people to watch if they want to give Korean dramas a try, especially if they like light-hearted series.

My second pick is:
My love from the star
This one is a little out there (I told you these things have a telenovela vibe) . The story is about an alien who has been stranded on earth for 400 years, he finally gets to go home in three months . Obviously this is when he falls in love with an arrogant actress. They end up changing each other’s lives and bringing out the best in each other. Meanwhile there is murder, corporate espionage, you know, the norm. Super sweet movie.

My third pick is:
You’re beautiful
This concept is way out there, but it was such a fun series. Basically a trainee is about to leave the country to become a nun. But the niave little thing gets the opportunity to save her pop Idol twin brothers career by standing in as him in the top idol group in the country (super plausible). Obviously all group members one by one fall in love with her. It is so out there in concept, but it is so cute. You really really fall in love with the characters, and end up not knowing which couple you are supporting here. I was a little nervous because of the cross dressing aspect, wondering if there would be insensitive to the trans community, but I think they handled it so beautifully, the love and acceptance was definitely there and it was just really cute. (an oldie but a goodie)

So these are my top three favorite at the moment. I am watching Cinderella and the four knights right now and it is fast becoming my favouritest, I have laughed and cried with these rediculous people for three nights now and I’m going to be sad when I watch the end tonight.

I have also watched a couple of others and I will share those with you soon. I love how these shows are so multi-faceted, how you’re following a love story one minute then boom someone was murdered, someone has an illegitimate kid and you’re like, wait, what?!?! Also two kisses and a handheld, does a steamy love affair make, up in these Korean Drama streets.

Please let me know if you are into Korean dramas. And which shows are your favourites?

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