Win kids yoga lessons for your “little lotus”

Today’s prize is a month of kids yoga lessons because much like the owner of Little Lotus Kids Yoga Studio, Marilize Roza, I love kids and yoga (both in moderation for me, clearly)

We have had a collab in the woodwork for ages and when my competition came up we decided to do a double wammy. Not only can you win a month’s yoga lessons for your child with today’s post, tomorrow she will be sharing tips on how yoga can help you get your kids into bed…

But first more about Marilize – who happens to be that annoyingly lovable mix of GORGEOUS and super funny and nice. I met her like I do most people…social media, I was looking for mommy and me yoga for the Aidan and me and found it.

Her business has only been running since May this year and is already  quite a hit, with her running classes, workshops and personal one-on-one sessions around Port Elizabeth.

Born in South Africa in the Free State, Marilize has traveled a long journey to the point of starting a kids Yoga School.

The mother of two boys; Liam and Angelo started off her career as an ambulance assistant. She moved to working for a medical aid scheme, before deciding to go the entrepreneurial route four years later, with the support of her husband Richard.

While working she studied and trained with Yoga4Kids, an organization, endorsed by the
Yoga Teacher’s Fellowship of South Africa, and South Africa’s leading provider of children’s yoga
teacher training.

As a teacher, Marilize considers herself a work-in-progress and a lifelong student of yoga. She is
continually learning and growing, by studying further, attending workshops and keeping abreast of the latest developments in yoga and wellness.

Having seen her working with Aidan I can honestly say she is amazing, she has such patience with the kids and such a gentle deminer that even Aidy (he doesn’t warm up to people quickly) loves her. After one session he refers to her as “the yoga lady” and has actually asked to go back for lessons.

She assures parents that Little Lotus Kids Yoga would never infringe on any parent or child’s
individual belief or religion.

You can learn all about her yoga studio on FACEBOOK  
Check out pictures from her themed yoga lessons and let me know in the comments which one you like. I loved the superhero theme. If you win and are not in PE you can gift the voucher to a local…cause we are nice like that


Quick prize recap….Rocking Toys , Geek World, Japsnoet, Mari’s Fudge and Brittle


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