My Baby Dove Panel Review Results…

So recently I attended the Baby Dove Launch in Cape Town. They flew me up for brunch like I was some sort of Kardashian, which I am not going to lie, was pretty awesome.

Now the thing is, I’m human, fly me to somewhere fancy and feed my face and my opinion could be swayed BUT I am also a journalist first and foremost so I thought, just in case I sound like I’m gushing for the sake of gushing I am going to let you hear more than just my opinion-fair right? (can I just say that I’m not saying any of the other moms would ever be swayed, they know what’s up, I just thought this would be a fun way to do it)

At the Baby Dove event they did this really cool panel discussion, but what really caught my attention was the the group science experiment thing they did. With experts there to answer our questions they had us physically see the results of the products with litmus tests, barrier tests and the like.

I like experiments, in fact the whole trip was a bit of a social experiment to see what would happen if I met all these amazing bloggers, I look up to, in person, would I make a complete fool of myself?

– RESULT:  No one has unfriended/unfollowed me yet so , YEAH ME

Anyway I did my own experiment with the Baby Dove products they gave me, I shared the products between Aidan (4y – pretty average skin but dry hair) Cody (2y with allergies and bad eczema) and Liam (6 months who often gets nappy rashes)


On him I used the bar soap, shampoo and body lotion. The soap was gentle on his skin, but in general I prefer liquid soap on him, far less mess and fuss . The smell is pleasant and not overpowering (which is good because Aidan can’t stand strong smelling things). The shampoo is quite nice, it is thick and creamy and gentle on his sensitive scalp and dry hair, it doesn’t do much for tangles, but it’s not like they claim to do anything for tangles. I love the lotion on his skin, it absorbs so fast and doesn’t leave any kind of stickiness, which is great.


Liam doesn’t have particularly sensitive skin BUT nappy rashes have been a problem in the past, along with dry patches. He used the body wash for normal skin, the petroleum jelly and bum cream. His mom raves about the body wash, how easy the bottle is to use with a wriggly child (I swear he is part worm) the container doesn’t have any sharp edges which is great as he is also part (whatever creature that shoves everything in his mouth) . The smell is great and it seems to have sorted out the dry patch problem. For nappy rash issues the bum cream seems to be helping, he has not had a flair up since she started using it, but that could also be partly due to the use of the petroleum jelly, which is really nice and soft and has the nicest freshest smell, and acts as a barrier between his bum and the wet nappy.


Cody has allergies and pretty bad eczema. This poor kid who is a natural born jock by the way, like he can play any sport , if you give him the tools, here have a rugby ball, then suddenly he knows how to tackle, give him a cricket ball and he knows how to bowl, it’s crazy really. The problem is for all his “outdoorness” his skin is pretty sensitive and his mom has to be very careful with him like AT ALL TIMES. I gave him the sensitive products and his mom was ridiculously impressed. He has medicated creams for the flair ups and the bad skin days but she says that the Baby Dove has been a heaven sent. Of all the products that she has tried (and she has tried a lot) this has been the most sensitive in it’s price range. I mean Cody has been spending more money on his skin than a Hollywood Diva.  So although this is not like an alternative for the dermatologist, it is super mild on his skin and has not as much as caused a dry patch and she has actually gone out and bought more.


Final result

The Baby Dove is pretty cool, and I am not just saying that. The scent is pleasant, the products are mild and the price range is not insane, that’s a win from me (like R30 to R60 range)…PS. I’ve been using the baby wipes to remove make-up (bb cream, counts as make-up right) so win win 🙂

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