Our new favourite Uitenhage eatery

This past Saturday Rob and I were looking for a place to eat before tackling errands. I vaguely remembered seeing a board to The Caledon Farm Kitchen so suggested it…

Now firstly you should know I was a little reluctant to do a post about this eatery because I didn’t want to share my new find only to come there in the future and find “no room, no room” alla Mad Hatter (because my opinion carries so much weight, hahahaha, not).

I just had to share about this place though, my love of Uitenhage and my love of food compelled me 🙂

The look of the Farm Kitchen is quirky, cute, kinda hipster and I LOVE IT!

They have a really nice play area; sand table, water wall, climbing frame, the works.
We went without Aidan, but I could instantly see that he would love it.  You can sit right near the play area which is always a plus.

They have indoor comfy warm seating for winter too – I checked.

Attached to a B&B, they do breakfast and lunches and the venue is available for events.

We sat outside because the fountain and bunting and prettiness made me, BUT the inside area looks awesome for “skinner sessions” over coffee.

They have music playing on a real old school record player, products for sale and even honey on tap… (It’s in Uitenhage’s main road, but I swear once you step into the court yard you would never know)

The menu caters for everyone from banters to (from what I can tell) carnivores who haven’t eaten in a week.

My salmon rosti breakfast was awesome and Rob thinks their breakfast was something to write home about.

The dark haired barista (whose name I didn’t get because I’m a terrible person who is too obsessed with taking pictures of her food) was such a sweet heart and makes a mean cup of coffee. Rob loved it – he is a total coffee snob – so that’s saying something.

This place has def made it’s way to the top of our list of  places to take out of towners

Do give them a try…
















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