Party with “other Aidan”

It is Pirate Party Time

Friday’s are officially/unofficially my features days, the days I have interviews or guest post and the such.
Today I am saying goodbye to one of my favourite features for a bit – The PARTY WITH series…and I’m doing it with a feature on a little boy named Aidan whose mother has a handmade  business (HOW WEIRD IS THAT)

Chances are pretty big I’ll come back to this but for now here is a list of parties that we have featured

1.  Adventure time party with Finn
2.  Teddy party with Emma
3.  Farm yard party with Amber
4. Dr Suess party with Levi
5. Rainbow party with Emma

I loved doing this but I’m making room for a new series of expert hacks, yeah! I have some awesome people lined up so keep an eye out BUT FIRST……

Aidan’s mom Lauren from LOVE MY HOME shares all about her little boy, I lovingly call him “other Aidan” because my Aidan met him and was quite taken by him and refers to him as “other Aidan” SUPER CUTE

Name and age of birthday boy
Aidan Ryan Gordon Hewitt (yes his initials do spell ARGH) he just turned one

How did you decide on a theme?
We decided on a Pirate theme, probably while I was still pregnant with him, we’re a nautical family so pirates seemed logical.

DIY or shop bought?
I diy’d most of his party decor, all the food and the party favors, I also baked and decorated his pirate ship cake. All the party food was themed to fit in with pirates. I probably started working on it about 2 months before the party. I had t shirts made for Aidan, my husband and I, and Aidan had Nappies matching the theme (we cloth diaper)

Any behind the scenes blunders?
Well the weather was the only real blunder, we hired soft play for the party and the weather was so foul we had to have it crammed into the lounge, it went alright and everyone squeezed in OK.

What was best part of the day?
The best part was realising that my little boy is growing up, that I have been this awesome kid’s mommy for a whole year and that I really can’t imagine my life without him. Your child’s birthday truly is your BIRTHING day and is even more special than your own birthday.











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