Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs

In the market for Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs? A place you or your Vegan friend won’t have to settle for a plate of chips or a garden salad? These are some places with yum options…

Full disclosure, I have not personally tried out all the Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs on this list. I have tried most of them and the rest are suggestions from veggie friends – please note that I am super keen to know about more places so please comment and I will have a updated list in the near future:

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Port Elizabeth Vegan hang outs

Kindred Kitchen

Is it even a list if the top plant based restaurant and smoothie bar is not on the list? They have amazing menu options and even offer cooking classes. How cool is that.

The Grass Roof Coffee Shop and Farm Stall

Located just a few kilometres from Sardinia Bay on the corner of Heron Road and the New Seaview Road, Grass Roof may not be 100% plant based but they offer enticing options such as Vegan pizza and meze platters

Rhubarb & Lime Café

This cafe style restaurant is one of my personal favourites – try the falafel wraps – They added vegan specific menu items a year or so ago with great success.

Panarottis and Spur

These family style restaurants hardly shout “Vegan’s welcome” but having had Vegan options at both places I can say…Yum! Their new menu’s offer an array of vegan options and are worth a visit

Fish Finder

I have reviewed them before and due to me leaning towards being pescatarian most days, they are still a definite option for me. The great news however is that they have added some amazing Vegan options to their menu.


Both Bocadillos on 1st and 6th have specialised vegan and vegetarian menu options for you. Their food is always super fresh and yummy so this is a must try.

These were my yummy local finds as part of my Frys #veganaury challenge. If you were late to sign up don’t fret, you can do it HERE

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