Diabetic friendly the lunchbox review (discount code)

I recently (currently as well) reviewed the lunchbox, a service that pre packs your snacks for the month and posts it to you (no extra charge). It became super popular with busy parents wanting healthier alternatives for their kids Then they realised adults needed to eat too and added the adult box , the banting box and the nut free box.

Due to my body’s aversion to sugar, I went for the banting box…and here is what I thought

  • you just grab and go in the morning , saving so much time
  • you don’t pay for delivery – I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to buy something then say the delivery cost and was like, maybe next time
  • It takes the guess work out of buying snacks – is this safe, can I have this, should I have this?
  • It exposes you to snacks/treats you would not otherwise have tried
  • I did the math and  one bag which you would pay R44.95 for, your snacks can add  up to as much as R70 (I googled individual prices)
  • Convenient so you don;t snack on crap
  • keeps your blood sugar levels in check (because you need to have healthy snacks throughout the day)
  • It is really yummy and you don’t have to worry about portion control
  • Their banting cookies and bars are really yum
  • Their website is super user-friendly and they always seem to have an actual human person ready to answer your questions
  • Although it works out way cheaper ,in the long run it can be daunting to pay almost a thousand rand for snacks in one go
  • Because Banting options aren’t that widely available  you end up with alot of dry wors and biltong (luckily I am super game for both)
  • not a giant variety, but that is cause of the bantingness of it, their other boxes have way more options
  • KIDS: One box packed with 21 bags.Each lunch bag gets 3 packed food products plus one beverage each day.  From R630
  • ADULT: One box packed with 21 bags. Each lunch bag gets 3 packed food products per day. from R763
  • BANTING: You get 20 bags, numbered from Day 1 to Day 20.Each daypack is packed with a selection of 4 x non-perishable items (1 x Biltong +1 x Droewors + 2 x Nuts). The serving size for each pack is 25g. We pack no drinks in the Banting Lunchbox. From R826
  • NUT FREE: 20 x Lunch packets per box. 3 x Items (25-50g portions) per packet  1 Biltong or Droëwors every day 1 Beverage every day Total of 4 items each day. R830
Alternative ways to use:

Although the lunchbox is really for you to take to work and not eat everything you see on your way to work, I have found that it has saved me in other ways, in fact I plan on getting the Adult box for Rob and I for the following reasons:

  • Late night snacking (you know when you crave a little something, this way you know it is healthy)
  • Running errands, if you are like me you end up not eating, so pop this in your car and you can snack as you go
  • impromptu picnic/beach visit/whatever, if   you want to go down to the park grab a bag and go – everything is in there just add a drink
  • Movie nights are so much healthier and cheaper because you don’t go out and buy unnecessary things
  • when working from home (as I am right now) you can snack at your desk
  • Awesome gift for friend or family member battling illness, they might not be up to cooking or even really eating so this can keep up their strength…

*I received product to review but as always the views are my own

The Lunchbox  has given JustEllaBella readers R50 off their first order so use this code when ordering..  WON50

Have you tried it? what do you think?


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