Practically free post wedding gifting ideas

First things first…wedding gifting ideas? What’s that for? Well I’m referring to gifts from the bridal couple to those who helped make their day a success. These gifts are certainly not compulsory but if you can get them for practically free…Why not.

Weddings and other big celebrations often leave you with three things 1. A very grateful heart, 2. A pretty low budget and 3. Left over decor items and craft supplies.

These wedding gifting ideas show you how to use number 3 to bypass 2 and express 1.

Wedding gifting ideas.

(This might be up to a crafty friend or family member if you are leaving for a long honeymoon right after reception)

1. Mini bouquets.

I actually ended up doing this for my sister yesterday. She had splurged for the most beautiful floral centrepieces, however they were housed in rented containers. I put some of the flowers in a takeaway container and took them home. All I did after that was to divide them between little glass bottles I had at home. This is an ideal little thankyou for anyone who stole your heart on the day from picking up something to driving somewhere.

2. Succulent pots

You often buy a lot of pretty containers for special events. For pens or any other bits and bobs. These small decorative containers are a little soil (I have green floral foam in these) and a few inexpensive succulents away from being a stylish reminder of your big day.

3. Framed pictures

Make someone special’s day by getting your photographer to print an extra picture or two. The picture of you with you gran on your wedding day would completely make her day and if you used frames as part of your decor (seating plans or directions) you probably have a few to spare.

4. Cake boxes

If your wedding cake didn’t make it on to your dessert menu why not cut it into slices and gift in little boxes with colour matching wooden spoons… use the nail polish or craft paint you bought for your special day to complete the look. A nice road side snack for out of town visitors.

5. SERVIETTE holders

Many couples opt to hire these but if you decided to have them made or make them yourself you have a great gifting opportunity at your fingertips. Chances are you won’t need all 100 again in the future so why not divide them into sets of 6 or 8 and gift them as reminders of your big day.

I know that this is very EXTRA but I’m a big believer in giving gifts as a way to show love and decrease your own clutter hahahaha… This is the start of a gift idea series on the blog so if any of these ideas inspire you be sure to tag me #giftellabella

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