Remembering little lives lost

October is a lot of things…it’s pink month in aid of breast cancer awareness, it’s Ocsober to promote sobriety and even Rocktober in some places..
Although cancer and alcoholism are both issues close to my heart, this month means something else to us, it’s Pregnancy and Childloss month…A month to reflect on all the little ones who spent only a moment in their parents arms but a lifetime in their hearts.
On National childloss day, Oct 15th, we are urged to light a candle for our fallen angels…This project goes on around the world in an attempt to keep a light going across the globe  for 24 hours.
Although most parents aren’t quite as vocal as I am regarding child loss statistics show that there are a growing number of us greaving parents, so even if you personally haven’t lost a baby why not light a candle and remember someone who had their light put out too soon 🙂 I will be lighting not only for Logan but for the amazing women and their families I haven met on my journey

*on a different note I strongly believe in the power of prayer so please pray for me as I get my test results today.. it’s a third set of tests trying to pin point why I have been so sick lately. Seriously tying Aidan’s shoe feels like a 5km race. Everything exhausts me and I have had a headache for about a month now…I just want them to find something so I can deal with it…I don’t need easy just possible

2 thoughts on “Remembering little lives lost

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks for highlighting what is happening in October. I am so sorry for your loss and lighting a candle is a good way to remember your child.
    Here's hoping you get some answers with those test results and feel better!

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