When your pre-schooler is a smart mouth

I’m struggling with a weird problem here people! My pre-schooler has an answer for everything and a question for everything else!


Take this as an example, when I caught him using my make-up kit like a craft set, the three-year-old actually tried to talk his way out of it.

1. Did you see me do it? How can you be sure it was me
2. You see the words on my top? It says “Aidan didn’t do it”
3. Actually, I just fell here, that’s why I’m covered in lipstick
4. The box did it to itself

Seeing that I wasn’t buying any of this he came to me and apologised saying he did it because he couldn’t find his paint and I was napping. It was all sweet and “I’m sorry” but then he ends it off by saying – “At least I only used the colours you never use” (strangely he was right, but really? THE NERVE!)

Another example was him drawing on my wall and when he gets reprimanded he first tries ; “I did it when you were sleeping so how can you be sure it was me?”
He eventually apologises, actually no, he cries and says “I just wanted to do something nice for you, you never like anything I do, I just never do anything right, now you don’t love me anymore”. Really manipulative little boy, really!

How do you get your child to be less of an (actually I don’t know what to call this)
My mom says she will let me know once she has figured it out – 31years and counting…funny not funny

His little quips just don’t seem age appropriate:
– There’s no cheese, you must have forgotten that I love cheese
– No bath tonight? so you want me to just stay dirty?
– You finish on your phone, I’ll wait

The thing is, he is a sweet kid, he listens to us and a swift “don’t make me count to 5” will stop him in his tracks…

But goodness the back chatting!!! so much back chatting!!!

What is your pre-schooler qualm and how do you deal with it?

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