Some quick meat free snack ideas

I have mentioned ideas for vegetarian party snacks before, but with us all  being homeward bound this new year’s eve, I thought I’d share a couple of recipes using products you might have at home already.

Although I’m starting the Fry’s Veganuary challenge tomorrow, these recipes use dairy so are not vegan.

Sticky plant based meatballs and chipolatas

Fry’s mini chipolatas and plant-based meatballs are a quick and easy treat. To give this a festive spin, prepare the treats in the air fryer. While still hot toss them in a bowl of sweet chilli sauce. It becomes sticky and delicious and you can serve it with little tooth picks.

For serving why not try my easy hummus style dip or try a coleslaw dip. Coleslaw dip is basically the same items you use in a coleslaw (cabbage, carrots and mayo) but the veg are chopped up fine before being mixed with mayo forming a tangy dip.

Watermelon with Feta

If you have some watermelon, you can turn it into a party snack by just sprinkling it with feta. Adding a balsamic reduction like this super easy budget reduction makes it even more yum

Cucumber snacks

The last little trick is to mix some sweet chili sauce in with your cottage cheese.

Slice up a cucumber and use your cottage cheese mix as a spread If you sprinkle on some black sesame seeds on top  it gives a very fancy effect at a very budget price. This also works really well on salticrax.

– for more plant based tips and tricks join us this Veganuary

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