Which Fry’s products I’m always stocked up on

Since I started working with Fry’s in 2019 I have been singing their praises. Which led to people asking me in the DM’s and in real life if I was really a fan or was all the love because I was working with them. So I’m here to set the record straight.

Firstly, totally not offended by the line of questioning. I mean it stands to reason that I would be kinder about a company that pays me (sponsored posts) than one that doesn’t. I do however tell every brand who I work with that I intend to be super transparent because

  1. I really value the trust my readers/followers have in me
  2. I’m a journalist by trade and by nature so the truth comes first
  3. I’m an extremely anxious person so if anyone caught me drinking, lets say, coke after I said I hate coke, I will need 5 to 7 days to recover and then one night 5 years from now I will wake up feeling like a coke liar (it is what it is)
  4. My readers will check me on it if I’m not honest

With that in mind here are my top Fry’s products which I buy with my own money time after time

  • Plant based meatballs

Hands down my favourite Fry’s product. I show you how I prepare it on Instagram. Even my dad loves these things. SOOOO good

  • Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets

These are better than some chicken nuggets I have had in the past. It makes for such a lovely quick lunch and seriously tastes like chicken nuggets. Your kids will be fooled!

  • Meat Free Sausage Rolls

Also known as Eleanor’s lunch. I do not even like sausage rolls as a general rule but flip these are so good.  Seriously ask any Fry’s lover these are the bees’ knees. (although I think bee knees would not be considered vegan)

  • Slicing Polony

I honestly don’t eat polony, it has never been on my list of yummy things. However, I got some of this from Fry’s and omw why is it so good? I don’t understand. The yumminess of this on a sandwich, I kid you not.

  • Original Hot dogs

I love a hot dog with tomato and onion relish, and I can tell you now that this is a great alternative. Honestly can hardly tell the difference

  • Chicken Style burgers

These are just the nuggets grown up. But a burger with these is sooooo good honestly. Incredibly yum

Okay, so It is not that I don’t eat the other Fry’s products. Like the strips, the butternut balls, or the falafels, I totally do and really like it, but if I have to pick six items that will automatically make it into my trolley the list above comes out tops.

Let me know which product is your favourite and come over and join us with the Veganuary challenge…We are all friends here 😊

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