Take along mini chalk board…repurpose

Because I make stuff, and people know this about me, I am often given items they think I might be able to use (bless them) which is awesome because I love turning things into other things πŸ™‚
Recently my cousin gave me four chicken liver containers (not sure how popular the food is around the world but many people in SA love it) While having them stacked on top of each other I thought how awesome it would be to turn it into a take along set for a trip we are planning later this year… so here is my first idea for a take along… a mini chalkboard πŸ™‚

What I needed: 
– Chicken liver container, or any container with a nice fitting lid
– Chalk ( I bought a big box at a discount store, this kid loves chalk)
– Scrap of fabric
– Chalk board contact paper (Game and Macro both sell this, it’s normal contact paper with a chalkboard finish. Need to stock up next time I see it – it gets sold out pretty fast)
Cut contact paper to fit the top of the lid, this particular container is “fancy shaped” so I used a piece of paper to trace shape and used that paper as a stencil of sorts
You then stick down the chalk board sticker, you could also just paint with chalkboard paint but seriously this took minutes! and I’m thinking if you made a bunch it could be awesome party favor
The finished product πŸ™‚  I just filled it with a few pieces of chalk and a piece of scrap fabric for wiping. You might need to use a damp cloth every now and again but I’m yet to find a chalkboard where this is not the case.
One down three to go πŸ™‚ 

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