Thoughts I’ve had recently

I’m so tired, omw!!!
who wants to set me up in holiday accomodation somewhere fancy!
I think it’s yesterday’s heat and my body not being used to being outside anymore!
Aircon you have spoilt me!!!
so now I have swollen hands and feet…also
– I overheard someone tell their friend that I used to be pretty yesterday – that made me sad
– Someone said that Logan dying at two days was good, cause it’s not that bad then – that is just hurtful
–  I’m feeling very why does nothing fit, why oh why!!! – that makes me sad
– A man shouted at me out of his car and hooted for briefly pushing Aidan on his push bike in the street the day before(dog scared us off pavement – towards traffic against pavement) , and it scared Aidan so I had to carry him like a km with bike in other arm – that made me livid
–  My hands and feet are swollen this morning – that annoys me (I know I mentioned it twice)
– I have Monday off – that makes me glad

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