Tips for lockdown living from Rachel Kolisi

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Zoom lunch with Rachel Kolisi, which was awesome because she comes across as such a powerhouse of a person. She is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and mom, and I believe she married some guy involved in a sport or something.

Kidding kidding, I totally know Siya Kolisi, I mean he is from my neck of the woods, he made the country proud as captain of SA’s World cup winning Rugby team and he gives of his time and resources generously, but this post is not about him, it’s about a mom navigating lockdown life, who happens to have some solid ideas that could work for us. A big thank you to BLC Attorneys for inviting me to the insightful event.

I’ve always admired Rachel Kolisi’s honesty and candor and how she has taken on a role as an outspoken fighter for justice, how she took on this large family in her twenties, and even deals with being a social media punching bag for small-minded bigots with grace. So I was curious to see how she’s been dealing during our 43years of lockdown (give or take a year or two)

Tips for dealing with lockdown life from Rachel Kolisi

Make time for yourself

We often forget to schedule time for ourselves, forget to fill our cups, and then find ourselves in a place where we are down and out and we don’t know why… So prioritise daily quiet time so you can refocus. Remember, taking a break is not selfish 

Organize your space

Try to declutter your work space because your environment plays into how you feel. So clear your space and in so doing clear space for your mind.

Plan your day

Map out your priorities, what needs to be done, and when it will help you not suffer from burn out. 

Pick your battles 

On social media, but also in life decide what’s important and what is worth your time 

Go back to drawing board

The plans you have for 2020 might have changed so look at what you want to achieve.

Two bonus things to remember… 
Set boundaries
Ask for help 

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