Ways kids can #addgoodness in the community

The Denny Mushrooms #addgoodness #winter warmth campaign, which I spoke about not too long ago has got me thinking about the importance of starting charity work early. I’m not saying your 6-year-old needs to start a NGO , but there are little things they can do which can give them a sense of pride and responsibilty and sets them up for a life of giving back (well hopefully)

I have shared ways that I encourage a charitable heart in my own child with you before, but thought that since the world looks so different now, the list could do with some tweaking. Also, charity is definitely not the only way to #addgoodness so keep that in mind when checking out the list below:

10 ways young kids can #addgoodness in their community

  1. pick up rubbish when you go on walks
  2. donate unwanted toys
  3. help bake cookies to give to frontline workers as gifts
  4. do some recycling
  5. donate books to children’s homes
  6. assist in cooking a meal for a family in need
  7. write a message of support to a community hero
  8. plant a tree
  9. have phone/skype convos with lonely loved ones
  10. volunteer at animal shelter

A big thank you to Denny Mushrooms for the #addgoodness inspiration. The latest in their list of initiatives allows any of us to donate money which will benefitĀ Food Forward SA. Food Forward SA supports over 1000 beneficiary organisations (BOs) reaching close to 500 000 vulnerable people directly (and an estimated 1,5 million people indirectly) with food parcels to households. Go to the Denny site for more info

One thought on “Ways kids can #addgoodness in the community

  1. Janine says:

    I so love this! All of those ideas are within all of our reach to do. So often we overthink what we could possibly do that we land up doing nothing at all. This post reminded me how the small things speak so much to a heart in need.

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